Why you should continue to vaccinate your kids?

You only want the best for your kids. You are aware of the importance of baby gates, car seats, and other ways to keep them secure. But, did you know that the best way to protect your kids’ health is to make sure they have been vaccinated?

The perfect way to protect them

Every parent knows the gravity of their responsibility to keep their kids safe and healthy as well. But, did you know that vaccinating your kid on time is the perfect way to protect them against 15 dangerous and potentially deadly diseases before their 2nd birthday?

Scientists have worked long and hard: to make sure that vaccines are safe. Although illnesses can occur post-vaccination as well as redness and tenderness around the injection site, severe allergic reactions are rare. When it comes to almost all kids, the advantages of being immunized against disease outweigh the possible side effects, which are in either case minor, sometimes not even noticeable.

A healthy and safe practice

Every parent wishes a good and healthy life for their children. They put all their efforts into making sure that the child is physically and mentally strong. To achieve that, parents provide nutritious food and a great education. Alongside essential care, vaccination is also important to help the child lead a good life. It is a healthy and safe practice regulated all over the globe. However, the internet has created a lot of myths surrounding the vaccine. They are overlooking the biggest benefits and are pointing at the smallest side-effects, or putting up completely unrelated and made-up stories.

It isn’t even about outweighing side-effects; it’s more about ignoring the truth and facts about vaccines, and replacing those with lies, or at best, factoids.

Vaccinations are rigorously tested: and approved by various labs, doctors, scientists, and governments. So, even if the child has side-effects from the vaccines, they are minor, which goes away without any complications. Many steps are taken by expert doctors, health experts, and governments around the globe suggest that vaccination is one of the wisest choices to help the child, and even adults fight millions of illnesses. 

Vaccination acts as a shield that protects the children from various common illnesses and some diseases which were once taught to be fatal. 

Why is the vaccine important?

The adult body’s defense system is stronger than that of a child. Every day, adults carry millions of germs when traveling, working outside, or even when they have infections. Children are more susceptible to become sick from those germs than adults. In such cases, vaccines help children in fighting these germs more effectively. When a child is affected by diseases, it has more severe or complicated repercussions in the future, which can be fatal or cause life-long suffering. Besides are more exposed to bacteria as they touch the floor, suck their hands, and lick the toys which can have germs, bacteria or even viruses.

The best way to save a child

Vaccinating not only impacts the particular child but also can affect the children around them. Vaccinations play a major role in protecting children from preventable diseases or disorders that include amputation of limbs, paralysis, hearing loss, brain damage, or convulsions. Vaccines are also the best way to save a child from various life-long diseases such as diphtheria, polio, smallpox, rubella, and tetanus. 

When a child is vaccinated, it boosts their immune system and causes in building antibodies that protect them from the diseases. 

In short, a vaccine contains a small dose of certain viruses, which the child’s body then learns how to defend against. The child’s body develops immune system to recognize and target that particular virus.

Keeping track of vaccine shots

Most children are vaccinated between birth and sixth birthday. Some of the vaccines are given multiple times at different ages and combinations. Keeping track of vaccine shots is important so that the parent doesn’t miss the vaccine shot or overdose the child with vaccines. It is also likely that in your country, your doctor keeps track. But still, you should also keep track of that. But, again, there is no need for any worry, as the hospitals and local health centers have a record of the vaccine shots given to the children. The vaccines given in this age protects the child from over 15 different diseases. 

Vaccines boost the body’s immune system: and protect the babies before they get sick. They help the child’s defense system in detecting the invading germs and producing antibodies to fight them. In cases, if such infections attack the body during childhood or anytime in the future, the body protects the body even without getting affected. 

Not vaccinating a child could cause an outbreak of diseases which are controlled or even preventable.

What happens when the body is vaccinated?

Vaccines contain antigens or parts of the antigens which cause diseases. However, the antigens in those vaccines are weakened or killed, which are not harmful to the body. When the vaccines get into the body, it provokes the immune system to produce antibodies to fight those diseases. So, when the harmful germs invade the body, the immune system of the child will be ready to ward them off without affecting the child. 

Newborn babies have a healthy immune system with essential antibodies that they get from their mothers. 


Alongside vaccination, proper hygiene and sanitation are also highly essential. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that new vaccinations come up and should be taken by people of every age. It helps people in combating various diseases that could affect a person of any age.

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