ValiRx forms advisory board

ValiRx’s has formed an Advisory Board to support its main board in new strategic guidance and technical advice.

In an announcement on Thursday, ValiRX said that AB members will be responsible for monitoring sector developments and licensing opportunities in the life-science space, as well as supporting the company in accessing partnering opportunities via members’ extensive network of contacts.

One of the AB members is Seppo Mäkinen, previously a ValiRx Non-Executive Director. He has more than 30 years of senior advisory and executive experience. Mäkinen stepped down from the ValiRx Board in May 2017.

Dr Ajay Agrawal is currently the Chief Business Officer at ValiRx, an experienced entrepreneur in the biotech and pharma industry, who currently sits on the boards of companies in the UK, Europe and USA, assisting them in shaping their aims, values, and strategic goals. Ajay was a founder of polyMASC Pharmaceuticals plc, London, the first UK biotech company from a university (Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London) that was directly listed on the London Stock Exchange, raising approximately $40 million in 1995, before its subsequent merger with the NASDAQ-listed company, Valentis Inc in 1999.  

Andrew King has almost twenty years’ experience working in the biotech and life-science sectors.  He lead the business of NeuTec Pharma Limited, through its IPO to its subsequent sale in 2006 to Novartis Pharma AG for £305 million.   

The company’s chief Executive Officer, Dr Satu Vainikka, said he believed that the Advisory Board with experienced and talented individuals will be of substantial benefit to ValiRx and in the shaping of its strategic direction.

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