Premaitha signs four-year MPA with European diagnostics services group to install IONA test

Premaitha has signed four-year Master Procurement Agreement (the “MPA”) with a European diagnostics services group to install the IONA test in at least two of the Groups’s laboratories.

The European diagnostics services group intends to provide non-invasive prenatal testing (“NIPT”) services to its international network through these laboratories, with the potential to install the IONA test in additional laboratories in due course, Premaitha said in its press release on Monday.

This diagnostics services group has a network of laboratories across Europe and it carries out more than 100 million diagnostic tests annually, Premaitha said, without revealing the name of the group.

As a part of the MPA, IONA test first will be installed in a central France laboratory and the second implementation is expected to commence in a different European country during the course of 2017.


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