– Opinion: Could Trump prevent spending $50Bn?

Prevention is better than cure. An old saying.

American president Donald Trump has announced radical measures last week; closing entering the USA for European citizens, curbing flights in general, and has announced a national emergency. Only two weeks earlier he was skeptical about the outbreak of the coronavirus in the USA.

Had he listened to the professionals and imposed at least some measures earlier, his aid to the nation could have been smaller. Investing any number of billions of dollars less would save exactly that many billions of dollars that he’s going to be spending now.

Spending tax money, a few billion more, only because of superciliousness is probably not going to affect his ratings among his followers. Blaming Europe for allowing the entrance of people from China is what he does; blame somebody else, blame open borders. While ensuring the nation that it’s nothing, the number of cases had grown. Now the USA has been shut off, with a national emergency imposed, no sporting or any other events, with $50billion from tax money injected into the economy.

Preventing it earlier with measures of precaution instead of measures of boasting could have saved a lot of money – billions!

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