Neovacs tests its Lupus drug for Type 1 Diabetes treatment

Neovacs’s Scientific Advisory Board has recommended extension of the development of IFN Kinoid to a new indication, Type 1 Diabetes, with the objectives of obtaining preclinical proof of concept in 2017 and initiating clinical development for this program in the first half of 2018.

Prior to this IFN Kinoid has recently received U.S. FDA Fast Track designation for treatment of Lupus and currently is in Phase IIb testing.

The recommendation of the Company`s scientific advisory Board is based on a study that was conducted by Neovacs in collaboration with Doctor Agnès Lehuen and Professor Christian Boitard from the department of Immunology of Diabetes at the Hospital Cochin in Paris.

The rationale for pursuing Type 1 diabetes is supported by well-established data showing that overexpression of IFN-alpha plays a key role in this autoimmune disease, as also observed in lupus and dermatomyositis.



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