Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions Group concerned over online platforms against companies selling PPE items

Companies selling personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves seem to be having a hard time getting their products to their target audience, no thanks to the practices of online platforms such as search engines, online stores, and social media networking sites, said Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions group.

The decision by these platforms to flag and take down companies like Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions group is counterproductive to the plight of the government and health experts that have preached and mandated the use of face masks and covering to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

While governments of countries in different parts of the world have continued to put measures in place to fight the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, some set of institutions seem to be out to sabotage such efforts. Over 3.7 million people worldwide have contracted the novel coronavirus and the numbers continue to increase by the day. In a bid to reduce the spread of the virus while biotech companies look for a vaccine, nations have set restrictions that must be fully adhered to by everyone. One of such legislation is the wearing of face coverings in public and business places. Unfortunately, different online platforms have been banning ethical companies like Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions Group from their sites, making it difficult for millions of people to accessquality personal protective equipment.

The efforts of such platforms are even more disturbing considering the fact that no tangible reasons are provided to excuse their acts. While the actions might be justified if they only affect illegitimate companies that have been identified to be price gouging and taking advantage of the situation, it is absolutely unexpected and absurd that most of the companies affected are only trying to help the community.

Social media platforms, as well as e-commerce sites, therefore need to be called to order for everyone to work together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It is certain that the COVID-19 crisis shall pass. However, the effect of the virus will be largely dependent on the efforts of different parties to combat the pandemic.

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