(edit) Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital joins Clinerion’s network

EDIT: the number of beds at Ege University was incorrectly reported in the original release dated July 2, and has been updated.

Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital has joined Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer, improving patient access to the healthcare treatment options by joining Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform.

Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital brings its patients earlier access to the treatments and medications by joining the international hospital network on Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform. On the platform, the university hospital’s patients are brought to the attention of researchers and trial sponsors who are recruiting for clinical trials.

Ege University Hospital serves as the largest hospital in the western part of the country, with 1,896-beds. Beyond Turkey itself, the university hospital provides services throughout the neighboring countries, as well as the Balkans and the Caucasus, with its experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Ege University-Clinerion partnership project is supported by Prof. Necdet Budak, President of Ege University and Prof. Dr. Tuncay Goksel, Chief Physician of Ege University Hospital. Dr. Ersin Koylu, project leader, said that this will bring more clinical trials to the university and it will make the clinical trial process easier for their competent researchers.

Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion said: “Clinerion has been dedicated to supporting patients and their physicians in Turkey for many years, and we are pleased to be able to offer our services to even more of the population by welcoming Ege University to our fold. Our strong coverage of the country makes the country itself more attractive to Pharma sponsors and CROs using Patient Network Explorer who are looking to set up trials in the country, as well as offering more statistically meaningful data to researchers.”

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