Canadian cannabis company Invictus MD starts trading on TSX

Invictus MD Strategies Corp.,Canada’s cannabis company, said Thursday it will move its shares from the Canadian Securities Exchange and be listed on TSX Venture Exchange, where it starts trading on March 31, 2017.

“Invictus MD’s move from the CSE to the TSXV follows a year of significant achievements,” said the company in a press release. It now has 250 acres of cultivation space that stretches from Alberta to Ontario.

Furthermore, Invictus MD’s option to now acquire 100% of Acreage Pharms Ltd. in Alberta the site of its Licensed Producer facility which has low cost of production as a result of low energy and water costs.

The property is friendly to building as many square feet as required based on the significant demand, Invictus MD said.

“As one of the few cannabis producing companies in North America listed on a major exchange such as the TSX-V, this move will enable us to engage a wider investor audience,” said Dan Kriznic, Chairman & CEO, Invictus MD.

Kriznic said this move could help to signal that the view of cannabis has changed.

Invictus MD said it won’t undertake any foreign operations until TSXV approves any such deals, and will only produce, sell and distribute of medicinal marijuana in Canada.

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