Biomarkc posts improvement in Phase 2 Study in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Biomarck Pharmaceuticals has improved the Overall Response Rate (ORR) in the BIO-11006/SOC group compared to standard of care alone at 3 months in the Phase 2 study in NSCLC, which compares standard of care alone, to SOC plus BIO-11006 in 60 patients with stage 4.

BIO-11006/SOC also showed less Disease Progression (DP) than SOC alone (7% to 17% respectively) and more Partial Response (PR) than SOC (40% to 30%), Biomarck said in the Wednesday’s press release.

Furthermore, BIO-11006 was well tolerated with cough, dyspnea and headache being most commonly (5%) related adverse events. This compares favorably to the myelosuppression, liver and renal toxicity of other commonly used agents, the company said.

In Vivo studies have shown BIO-11006 can inhibit NSCLC metastases and reduce tumor size in several animal species. Those treated with BIO-11006 also did not lose weight over the treatment period. This study is intended to give confirmation of these findings in a clinical setting.

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