Neovacs and Professor Robert Kerbel together fight cancer

Neovacs and Professor Robert Kerbel and his team at the Sunnybrook Research Institute of Toronto, Canada are about to join forces to work on development of Neovacs` VEGF Kinoid, specifically to obtain the proof of concept for the treatment of colorectal and ovarian cancer.

The Neovacs noted in its press release issuend on Thursday that its technology presents a major new therapeutic opportunity for these types of cancers where the VEGF-A (vascular endothelial growth factor) protein plays an important role in the vascularization of the tumor. The Neovacs approach, based on active immunotherapy, aims to enhance the immune system of the patient by enabling it to produce self-polyclonal antibodies, which will selectively target and neutralize the cytokine VEGF-A. For these types of cancer the neutralization of VEGF-A could prevent tumor growth and development of metastases.

Professor Robert Kerbel, has contributed to a large number of preclinical trials and overseen numerous international clinical trials in cancer, said the company.

According to the business development plan announced in 2016, Neovacs is currently running two clinical trials in Lupus (SLE) and Dermatomyositis with IFNalpha Kinoid and has two additional programs in preclinical development: IFNalpha Kinoid to treat Type 1 diabetes and VEGF Kinoid to treat colorectal and ovarian cancer.