Why Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Firms Can’t Afford to Ignore Market Monitoring Solution | Find Out in This Success Story

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CompetitiveIntelligence–Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has recently announced the completion of its latest success story on market monitoring solution for a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm. This success story highlights how our market monitoring analysis helped the client to better manage complexities associated with the supply chains and sign a $2 million deal with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the US.

Engagement Overview:

To retain a competitive edge, a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm based out of the United States, wanted to reduce operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions, while ensuring affordability, quality, and delivery performance. Other key objectives of the engagement were:

Objective 1: The client struggled to balance rising demand for affordability and improved access. They wanted to improve operational agility and equipment utilization to increase manufacturing-site capacity

Objective 2: Keeping temperature-sensitive biologics at the right temperature range during the transportation process was becoming challenging for the company. They wanted to understand how other players in the market tackled this challenge

Objective 3: They wanted to keep pace with the latest technologies and trends and make smarter decisions through a systematic synthesis of market and competitive information

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Our Approach:

To help the client tackle the market challenges and achieve their strategic objectives, the experts at Infiniti Research used a combination of research solutions including market monitoring engagement, secondary research, technology assessment, and demand management study. The engagement also involved identifying the top contract manufacturing organizations in the United States based on the strength scorecards.

Business impact of the market monitoring solution for the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm:

  • Reduced operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions by adopting lean practices and improving process technology
  • Improved operational agility and equipment utilization and subsequently increased manufacturing-site capacity
  • Identified highly engineered specialized equipment and processes to invest on to prevent cross-contamination and enhance operational efficiency
  • Focused on cold shipping and cold chain packaging solutions to cope with a wider range of new temperature requirement issues
  • Acquired a strong, competitive network with the right suppliers, manufacturing plants, and distributors
  • Signed a $2 million deal with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the US

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