ValiRx gets a US patent for its anticancer therapeutic compound, sees it as validation of its potential anti-cancer impact

ValiRx got patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for modulators Of the SRC-kinase activity for preventing or treating metastatic cancer, for its lead therapeutic compound, VAL201. 

ValiRx said that the grant provides patent protection for a method of preventing the worsening of symptoms of a metastatic cancer, reducing the progression of a metastatic cancer, or treating a metastatic cancer (including prostate cancer) by administration of the VAL201 peptide.

ValiRx says that its VAL201 compound selectively prevents tumour growth by specifically inhibiting the proliferation of tumour cells. Its inhibitory effects on lymph node metastases have been demonstrated in pre-clinical prostate cancer models, it says. The compound is currently in a Phase I/II study primarily assessing the safety and tolerability of VAL201 and its effect in the treatment of prostate cancer and other solid tumours. Furthermore, the trial of VAL201 has met its endpoints very well and the Company is now able to use the peptide in demonstrating the efficacy of the compound as a therapeutic product, addressing what is currently a poorly-served, yet very substantial commercial market.

Dr Satu Vainikka, CEO of ValiRx, said: “Since all primary cancers will metastasise and can spread anywhere around the body at some point, this US patent grant, covering one of our largest commercial markets, represents a key addition to our patent coverage and protection for this indication.  I look forward to the further development of the VAL201 compound and the validation of its potential anti-cancer impact”.

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