Trump wants drugmakers to produce in US, calls for quicker drug approval

The newly appointed president of the United States of America, Donald Trump said that he wants pharmaceutical companies to manufacture their products in America, during the meeting he held with leaders of some of the major drugmakers. 

During the meeting, as seen in a CNBC video, he called for controlling high drug prices. One of his many tweets became famous when he said that the pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder, alluding high drug prices for the US government.

“We have to get the prices down,” Trump said in Tuesdays meeting. “We have to get the prices way down.”

“We have no choice,we have to get the prices way down.

He said that US drug companies have done a good job, but that the prices are high. He said that approval process needs to be simplified.

Trump said that the new trade policy will prioritize that foreign countries “pay their fair share” to the US, so that the US companies can have greater financial resources to accelerate the development cures.

A lot of the countries have moved out, Trump said, due to regulation and taking advantage of America. “I want you to manufacture in the United States,” Trump has said in the meeting with the leaders of worlds largest drugmakers.

CNBC reported that the meeting included the CEOs of Novartis, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly.


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