Taris bio tests its TAR-200 with Opdivo

Taris Bio has dosed the first patient in a test of its investigational product TAR-200 combined with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, to see the effect of combination of the locally-administered TAR-200 system with a systemic PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor, approved for previously treated adults with advanced bladder cancer.

Taris noted that the trial is conducted as part of a clinical collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb, which is also an equity investor in TARIS.

Taris’ chief medical officer, Christopher J. Cutie said: “We are eager to evaluate the potential antitumor and immunologic synergy of this product combination administered prior to surgery.”

Tony Kingsley, President and Chief Executive Officer of TARIS is pleased to be working with BMS, industry leader in oncology.

Kingsley said that the colaboration illustrates Taris’ commitment to advancing new therapies for this serious disease, and the potential of TAR-200 to improve outcomes for patients.

“In parallel, TARIS continues to study TAR-200 as a single agent for the treatment of MIBC patients not receiving surgery,” Kinsley said.

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