Abpro Announces Initiation of Phase 2/3 Registrational Studies of its Neutralizing Antibody Therapeutic ABP 300 for the Treatment of COVID-19

Abpro Corporation today announced the initiation of global Phase 2/3 registrational studies evaluating the safety, tolerability, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics of ABP 300, a human neutralizing antibody for the treatment of COVID-19 derived from patients who have recovered from the SARS-CoV2 infection.

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Understanding the role of inflammation in COVID-19 patients: a little is good, too much might kill you

COVID-19 is the medical emergency of the century. Since the pandemic began in December 2019, the new coronavirus, termed SARS-CoV-2 has caused havoc in almost every country, with more than 40 million proven cases of the disease termed COVID-19, including one million deaths.

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