Symcel expands with new board members, aims to promote its calScreener

Symcel, the company that makes assay tool for real-time cell metabolism measurements, calScreener – is expanding to bring its patented technology to the clinical antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) markets. The company states it is a key time in its strategic development and, with an increased global focus, Symcel forecasts that calScreener will become the gold standard for combination testing of antibiotics against multi- resistant bacteria within the next five years.

The company is currently commercially leveraging the Horizon 2020 funded Phase II (AST) project – in which multi-resistant bacterial infections will be clinically validated using Symcel’s sensitive screening method.

“Our business development strategy has evolved and is now twofold: we will be targeting growth both from sales to the big clinical microbiology market, as well as increasing revenues from key research markets including metabolic, microbiology and 3D culturing applications. Currently, we will focus sales activities specifically on the microbiology research market – especially targeting developers of antibiotics in academia and industry as well as scientists working on solutions to biofilm formation and antimicrobial resistance” commented Jesper Ericsson, CEO of Symcel.

Symcel has brought on board a number of new members to push clinical market growth.

Symcel’s calScreener method has already established significant sales and research projects amongst scientific and clinical key opinion leaders in the antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial susceptibility testing fields – a factor which underlies Symcel securing the Horizon 2020 grant.

Ericsson has welcome Marta Veses Garcia, Karin Gillner and Pelle Friberg to the company for this development. “We look forward to utilising their respective skills and working closely with them all as we clinically validate our innovative technology in AST and initiate our five-year plan to enter and expand into the clinical space,” he said.

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