Stada, Enzymatica in marketing deal for ColdZyme in Germany

As German generics drugmaker Stada confirmed receiving offers to be bought out, it has simultaneously made a deal with a Sweden-based life science company Enzymatica, to sell its common cold mouth spray ColdZyme in Germany.

Enzymatica said on Monday that this was a great deal for them, citing Germany being the single largest market for over-the-counter products in Europe.

“This agreement confirms the commercial potential for ColdZyme outside of Scandinavia, and endorses the interest in Enzymatica’s technology platform”, says Fredrik Lindberg, CEO of Enzymatica.

STADA’s marketing boss Wolfram Gollin said ColdZyme will be a a fit for existing portfolio.

“ColdZyme’s unique product offering is different to traditional cold therapies and is a perfect fit to our existing portfolio as well as to our strategy of growing our branded   business on the back of launching innovative, new products”, said Gollin.

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