Sphere Medical launches next generation analyser, Proxima 4

Sphere Medical Holding, an innovative point-of-care monitoring and diagnostic devices company,  has announced the launch of Proxima 4 in Europe.

The launch of the next generation product Proxima 4 follows the successful European launch of Proxima 3 in September 2014.

Proxima 4, which gained CE Mark approval in September 2016, is the new iteration of Sphere’s already marketed innovative patient-connected device used for measuring blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites. It incorporates a number of significant enhancements over the previously available product, Proxima 3, including expansion of the panel of analytes and a number of important usability improvements.

The expanded panel of analytes enables Proxima to be used with additional groups of patients, including those requiring glycaemic control and those undergoing cardiac surgery. Developments with Proxima 4 also extend its use to include paediatric patients weighing greater than 15 kilograms. As a result of these changes, the target population of potential patients is estimated to increase four fold to almost 50% of patients in intensive care units.

Proxima 4 will be marketed directly by Sphere’s own sales force in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium and Sphere plans to market Proxima 4 through distributors in other countries. Burke & Burke, appointed in July 2016 to market Proxima in Italy, will now commence marketing Proxima 4. Sphere Medical is aiming to put in place more distributorships in other European markets over the coming months.

Wolfgang Rencken, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The European launch of Proxima 4, one of our strategic objectives for 2016, is an important milestone for the Company on the route to making the Company commercially successful. We look forward to updating the market during 2017 on progress with the marketing of Proxima 4, and on progress with further updates and enhancements to the system.”

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