Some innovations that we can’t imagine life without today

We owe a lot to pharmaceutical companies for providing us with life saving drugs and a lot of other inventions that make our life easier.

Years of studying or happy coincidence led pharmaceutical scientists around the world to some tremendous discoveries that changed the world as we now it.

In My pharmaceutical section of our website we present you some of those discoveries. We are sure that many of you have already heard of some facts that we will present, but it is always good to refresh memory and for somebody to maybe discover some new fun facts.

This week we want to present you some of the innovations of one of the most successful companies nowadays, Johnson and Johnson. Yes, it is probably most famous for its baby and beauty products, and some of you maybe now it from its social engagement or for its “dark side” with baby powder court trials. This article is about some inventions that the company has provided us with during its 130 years presence.

J&J posted on the National Inventors Day, a poster listing 9 of its interesting innovations, which includes likes of band-aid. It’s a brand name, and just the fact that most of people say “band-aid” for bandages, regardless of who actually makes them, is really remarkable.

Nine inventions that changed the life as we know it


  1. Sterile sutures: When the company started mass-producing sterile sutures in 1887, it contributed to the advent of modern antiseptic surgery, which helped reduce infections and dramatically increased survival rates.
  2. White absorbent cotton: Before Johnson & Johnson introduced new manufacturing innovations enabling it to produce white absorbent cotton, surgeons had to use cotton that wasn’t snowy white and sterile.
  3. First aid kits: In 1888, the company started making first aid kits, packed with things like bandages and gauze.
  4. Dental floss: Dentists everywhere have the company to thank for mass-produced dental floss, which Johnson & Johnson first manufactured using leftover suture silk.
  5. Disposable sanitary napkins: Johnson & Johnson began selling disposable sanitary napkins back in 1896.
  6. BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages: A Johnson & Johnson employee came up with the idea for BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages after noticing that his wife needed a way to protect cuts she got while working in the kitchen.
  7. Tamper-resistant packaging: In 1982, Johnson & Johnson helped make over-the-counter medications safer when it invented safety sealed, tamper-resistant packaging.
  8. Duct tape: During World War II, the company began manufacturing waterproof duct tape, which soldiers used to repair everything from tents to boots.
  9. Disposable contact lenses: The company revolutionized the vision care industry when it debuted the first disposable contact lenses that could be worn for up to a week.


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