Scintomics and 1717 Life Science Ventures Team up in the Joint Venture PENTIXAPHARM to Develop CXCR4-Targeted Theranostics

Scintomics and 1717 LSV to collaborate in the development of novel
cancer diagnostics and treatment

BERLIN & MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scintomics GmbH and 1717 Life Science Ventures GmbH announced today to
have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of the
theranostic pair PentixaFor / PentixaTher.

PentixaPharm GmbH, based in Würzburg, is committed to develop PentixaFor
and PentixaTher as a theranostic radiopharmaceutical pair, specifically
targeting the CXCR4-receptor expressed in most fast progressing
diseases, particularly malignant cancers.

Interviews: “We are delighted that in 1717 LSV we have found a strong
partner with an outstanding expertise in the clinical development of
precision oncologics. Taking the various recent and successful
proof-of-concept studies with PentixaFor and PentixaTher in men into
account, this joint venture creates optimal conditions for the effective
and swift clinical development of this unrivalled and unique pair of
theranostic drugs
”, said Prof. Hans-Jürgen Wester, PhD, Founder of
Scintomics and Chair for Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry at the Technical
University of Munich (TUM), Germany.

“The introduction of 68Ga-PentixaFor may be
regarded as a milestone for clinical PET imaging of CXCR4 expressing
added Dr. Hakim Bouterfa Co-founder of 1717 LSV GmbH
and CEO of PentixaPharm. “Now we will focus on the next major step to
provide CXCR4-directed endoradiotherapy in prospective clinical trials.”

About PentixaFor / PentixaTher

This theranostic pair specifically targets the CXCR4-CXCR12 axis, which
is significantly involved in the interaction and proliferation of
hematologic and solid tumors and their protective environment. The
Gallium-68 based PET agent PentixaFor has demonstrated advanced imaging
not only for several different hematologic indications – including
leukaemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma – but also for other solid
tumors like adrenocortical carcinoma, and small cell lung cancer. In
addition, other disease conditions, such as atherosclerosis, myocardial
infarction, splenosis and stroke and can be targeted with this tracer.
The therapeutic counterpart PentixaTher, labeled with α- or β-emitters,
offers new treatment options for individualised medicine in terms of

About Scintomics GmbH

Scintomics, based in Fuerstenfeldbruck/Munich, is a privately held
company for innovative-targeted theranostics and corresponding
radiopharmaceutical technologies with a strong commitment towards
personalized cancer care with an exceptional pipeline of functional
diagnostics and radiotherapeutics. Scintomics considers the joint
venture partnership with 1717 LSV as another important milestone towards
a strong positioning as radiopharmaceutical development specialist.

About 1717 LSV GmbH

1717 LSV, based in Berlin, is a privately held company with expertise in
the development of targeted precision radiopharmaceuticals for the
targeted diagnosis and treatment of malignant oncological diseases. By
enabling novel radiopharmaceutical therapies to traverse early stages of
manufacturing and clinical development, 1717 LSV brings innovative drug
candidates to patients with unmet medical needs.


For Scintomics
Saskia Kropf
General Manager
+49 8141 150 550
[email protected]

1717 LSV

Dr. Jens Kaufmann
General Manager
tel. +49
30 941084-422
[email protected]


Dr. Hakim Bouterfa
tel. +49 172
6290822 or +49 931 304998310
[email protected]

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