Sanofi CEO: Health must be part of the Climate debate

Sanofi will participate to Solutions COP21, the United Nations conference on climate change, as an official partner, a public exhibition in Paris.

sanofi climate.jpgFollowing the World Health Organization (WHO) call to push the impact of climate change on human health to center stage, Sanofi said Thursday it has decided to actively contribute to COP21 in order to raise awareness on this issue, but also to take action to prevent its consequences.

“We need to urgently support the mobilization of the entire health community, public and private stakeholders, starting with life sciences companies, who are responsible for contributing to the advancement of health,” said Olivier Brandicourt, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi.

“If we act now, we can mitigate the consequences of climate change on the health of the world’s population. Health must be part of the Climate debate.”


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