Sanofi and DiCE Molecules Announce Research Collaboration


sanofiSanofi and DiCE Molecules has announced a five-year global collaboration to discover potential new therapeutics for up to 12 targets that encompass all disease areas of strategic interest to Sanofi.
Sanofi says that the collaboration builds upon DiCE’s unique technology platform, which leverages directed evolution to select and optimize low molecular weight compounds against any target. The platform’s capabilities include the potential to unlock protein-protein interfaces that were previously unreachable for oral therapies.
The collaboration is a part of Sanofi’s Sunrise Initiative, a strategic partnership model that seeks to invest in early stage transformative opportunities that align with Sanofi’s expert development and commercialization abilities. A joint steering committee comprised of Sanofi and DiCE representatives will oversee the initiative.
“In the past, targeting protein-protein interfaces with small molecules was not thought possible in a generalizable fashion, especially in the development of orally bioavailable drugs,” said Kevin Judice, President and Chief Executive Officer of DiCE. “Our platform is uniquely positioned to overcome these historical challenges and this partnership with Sanofi reinforces the potential of our technology. DiCE’s self-financing business model and distinctive partnership approach will allow us to focus solely on advancing our development programs. We are delighted to be collaborating with Sanofi and its innovation-focused team within the Sunrise Initiative.”

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