Sandoz, Pear Therapeutics launch reSET for patients with Substance Use Disorder

Novartis’s division Sandoz, and Pear Therapeutics, have launched reSET for patients with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), which is th efirst and only FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic, is immediately available, Novartis said on Tuesday.

According to the press release by Novartis, a study results from a multicenter, randomized clinical trial showed that reSET, when used with outpatient therapy and contingency management, significantly improved abstinence in substances of abuse and increased retention as compared to outpatient therapy alone.

Richard Francis, CEO of Sandoz said that reSET as outpatient therapy improves behaviors related with recovery. “It leverages new technology to help patients improve abstinence in substances of abuse and stay in treatment programs longer than outpatient therapy alone,” he said.

Corey McCann, the President and CEO of Pear Therapeutics said that the patients with Substance Use Disorder deserve access to more effective, convenient, and innovative treatment options. He points out that reSET has been clinically confirmed to improve the results for patients, and provides way to access care when they need it. He said: “Prescription digital therapeutics will help redefine the treatment of serious diseases like Substance Use Disorder, providing improved patient outcomes, and driving clinical insights for clinicians.”


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