Roche to launch new biomarker for prostate cancer diagnosis

Roche has announced the global launch of the anti-p504s (SP116) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Roche said that this antibody has been validated for use in a dual stain with the Ventana Basal Cell Cocktail (34ßE12+p63) to aid in distinguishing morphologically difficult cases as benign, atypical or cancerous on a single slide. The assay is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) primary antibody for use on the Ventana BenchMark IHC/ISH series of automated slide stainers.

Elevated expression of p504s  has become a useful biomarker in the diagnosis of prostate adenocarcinoma. When this biomarker is used in a dual stain with the Ventana Basal Cell Cocktail  (34ßE12+p63) it can reduce the need for multiple slides to make a diagnosis. This can be critical when limited tissue sample is available, as is often the case with prostate biopsies, explained the company.

“As the second most common cancer in men, prostate cancer is a serious public health concern,” said Ann Costello, Head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. “The anti-p504s (SP116) Primary Antibody is an important tool to aid clinicians in making a more accurate diagnosis with a smaller tissue sample.”

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