Qu Biologic’s trial shows CD symptoms can be improved with activating immune system

Qu Biologics’s first randomized-placebo controlled trial (RCT) resulst, for moderate-to-severe Crohn’s disease (CD) was accepted for publication in Frontiers in Medicine, an open-access peer-reviewed medical journal, as it showed that clinical symptoms of CD can be improved with an immunomodulatory treatment that functions to activate instead of suppress the immune system.

Dr. Hal Gunn, CEO of Qu Biologics, said: “If our subsequent CD trials confirm that this unique approach ameliorates disease, even in a subset of patients, it would be transformative for our understanding of the disease and the treatment of patients. Despite the large arsenal of immunsuppressive therapies used to manage CD symptoms, the trajectory of the disease has not changed for the majority of patients, most of whom end up requiring surgery.”

Immunologist Dr. Shirin Kalyan, Qu’s Director of Scientific Innovation, said: “Importantly, long-term immune suppression comes with consequent risks, such as an increased risk of certain cancers and serious infections, that many patients with Crohn’s disease would prefer to avoid if possible. We hope that SSIs can provide them another option – one that aims to enhance their immune resiliency.”

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