PureTech’s Akili pilot study shows improved cognitive control in children with sensory processing dysfunction and attentional deficits

PureTech Health’s subsidiary Akili announced results from a project EVO pilot study demonstrating improved cognitive control in children with sensory processing dysfunction and attentional deficits.

According to PureTech, the study found that Akili Interactive Labs’ digital treatment candidate Project: EVO improved cognitive control test scores of neurotypical children and children with Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD) both with and without attention impairments. Importantly, treatment with Akili’s Project: EVO also produced neurological changes in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and improved attention symptoms of children with SPD and inattention/hyperactivity.

Daphne Zohar, (featured image) Co-Founder and CEO at PureTech Health, said: “At PureTech Health we are committed to exploring and understanding the full potential of our programmes through pilot and mechanistic studies with our academic collaborators. The results from this study are encouraging and positive, as they provide additional support for the targeted neurological mechanism of our proprietary Akili technology platform.”

Joaquin A. Anguera, lead author of this study said that the findings reproduce critical elements of the study of this technology in older adults and suggest that this treatment approach can have powerful effects across the lifespan and in distinct populations with specific cognitive deficits.

Eddie Martucci CEO of Akili, said: “We’re encouraged to see not only the magnitude and duration of what appears to be a meaningful treatment effect, but also continued validation of the targeted neurological mechanism of our technology.” 

Akili’s Project: EVO is currently being evaluated in a large, multi-site, randomised controlled trial in patients with paediatric ADHD that may serve the basis of the company’s submission to the FDA for clearance as a medical device treatment for the paediatric disorder.

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