Probiodrug and Crossbeta Biosciences extend their strategic partnership in the field of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers

Probiodrug, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutic solutions to treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and the Dutch biotech company Crossbeta Biosciences have extended their strategic partnership regarding the use of Crossbeta’s proprietary technology for biomarker development, in support of Probiodrug’s clinical program in Alzheimer’s disease.

The companies first established the partnership in 2016. Since then, the very challenging program, focused on oligomer-specific biomarker assays and diagnostics, has made excellent progress and has successfully met all critical milestones. By leveraging the pivotal role of protein oligomers in AD pathology, the partners are aiming to develop a truly disease-specific AD biomarker and diagnostic with prognostic clinical value.

Inge Lues, Chief Development Officer of Probiodrug, commented: “Our partnership with Crossbeta has granted us access to a truly unique technology which has proven to be crucially important for the development of high-quality biomarker assays, with adequate sensitivity and specificity to support and further the clinical program of Probiodrug’s QC inhibitor PQ912.”

Guus Scheefhals, Chief Executive Officer of Crossbeta, added: “We are very pleased about the extension of our partnership with Probiodrug. It is an honor being able to contribute to Probiodrug’s exciting and encouraging therapeutic program in AD with our proprietary technology. In case of successful achievement of our goals, not only many other scientists and companies will benefit from the availability of this novel, prognostic biomarker and diagnostic, but it will bring urgently needed benefit to AD patients.”

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