PrEP Biopharm’s asthma study misses goal, but gives useful insights

PrEP Biopharm’s study of its drug, earlier confirmed helpful for influenza and human rhinoviruse (HRV), has been undertaken to test its efficacy of the people with asthma, and check for different dosage, showed varying results.

In an update by hVIVO, which holds a significant equity stake in PrEP Biopharm, Kym Denny, CEO of hVIVO, said that while PrEP-CS-002 and PrEP-CS-003 did not meet their primary endpoints, the studies showed “valuable insights” for PrEP-001 about the drug.

According to Denny, the results add to the positive proof of concept trials in flu and the common cold from the previous testings.  “We are encouraged by signs of a potential treatment effect in the asthma responder subgroup for this complex respiratory disease where multiple phenotypes are recognised but not fully understood,” said Denny.

PrEP Biopharm will now further analyse the results to decide on the future development of PrEP-001.

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