Peak Health Announces the Release of “Diabet” – a 100% Natural, Plant-Based Supplement That Shows Breakthrough Potential for Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Pilot studies suggest that a single course for 45 days can significantly reduce fasting glucose levels

LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EndoPhytoSystem–Peak Health Center, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit California corporation, announces the release of Diabet – a 100% natural, plant-based supplement that shows breakthrough potential for supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Diabet is a liquid extract of spiral ginger (costus pictus), a plant native to rainforests of South and Central America. It was first introduced to India around 2002 and used as an ornamental plant until researchers began to investigate its effects on blood sugar levels. As positive initial reports began to emerge, it earned the nickname “insulin chedy” or insulin plant. Ayurvedic herbal practitioners in Southern India encourage patients with type 2 diabetes to chew 1 to 2 spiral ginger leaves in the morning and evening, and conventional doctors are also starting to recommend it.

Scientists believe a compound called corosolic acid may be responsible for the plant’s ability to normalize glucose (blood sugar) levels. People with diabetic conditions don’t absorb glucose properly and too much of it circulates in the body, damaging tissues over time.

“More than 450 million people in the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. About 27 million of these are Americans. The numbers are increasing steadily, especially among our youth. Diabetes is a degenerative disease and pharmaceutical drugs do not work well for it. Peak Health has been studying several new plant products and Diabet is the best natural supplement we have seen so far,” said Daniela Barahona, Director of the Peak Health Center.

Peak Health conducted a clinical trial on 235 patients with type 2 diabetes and plans to publish the findings in an upcoming scientific paper. The company’s network of farms is the first to grow spiral ginger in significant, commercial quantities to supply the world’s markets, based on the anticipated demand.

Effective immediately, Peak Health’s Phyto Farmacy supplement shop is offering the Diabet supplement for sale to the general public. Each bottle of Diabet contains 400 mL (14 oz) of spiral ginger extract, approximately one month’s supply, and costs $190. Every bottle comes with a thimble cup that precisely measures out a 6.5ml single dose.

Pilot studies suggest that a single course for 45 days, taken twice daily, can significantly reduce fasting glucose levels and improve quality of life in many patients with type 2 blood sugar imbalances. Therefore, Phyto Farmacy is introducing a Diabet Twin Pack for $350, offering a $30 dollar savings. Fast, worldwide shipping with tracking is available.

Mr. Gopal Swaminathan, a 62 year old man in Chennai, India, who took part in the Diabet trial, says the product has improved his quality of life. “I was suffering severely with diabetes and had fatigue, nausea, frequent urination and was always thirsty. On the fourth day of taking Diabet, I knew it was something special. My fasting glucose levels used to be 310 mg/dl. My post meal glucose was measured at 492 mg/dl, which is severely diabetic. 45 days after Diabet, my fasting glucose level was down to 96 mg/dl and my glucose post meal was measured to be a mere 132 mg/dl. Diabet helped me and I am hoping it helps others too,” said Mr. Swaminathan.

For more information or to order Diabet, please visit the Phyto Farmacy website at https://www.phyto-farmacy.com/ or call +1-888-337-4986 (+1-888-33-PHYTO)

Peak Health Center is a 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit Corporation, based out of Los Gatos, CA. Its charter is to improve human health with the least possible use of pharmaceutical drugs. Peak Health’s doctors from around the globe are volunteering efforts to develop new technologies in natural health and plant-based medicine.


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