Oasmia to produce Apealea in Germany with Baxter Oncology

Oasmia Pharmaceutical has made a deal with Baxter BioPharma Solutions to manufacture Apealea in its site in Germany, so Oasmia can focus on other products in its own facilities. 

Oasmia said Thursday that the technology and know-how have already been transferred to Baxter and manufacturing should start within a short period of time.

It regards Baxters facility as one of the most advanced for cytotoxic contract manufacturing in the world. Oasmia said it will use its site in Uppsala to work on Doxophos and Docecal.

Oasmia’s executive chairman, Julian Aleksov, sees this deal is an important step for the company’s growth commercial success. “We see this as an important step to accelerate the launch of Apealea and our other product candidates. Baxter is a very strong partner and enables us to meet the global demand of Apealea,” Aleksov said in released announcement.

Apealea is a Cremophor- and albumin-free formulation of the well-known cytostatic paclitaxel combined with Oasmia’s excipient technology XR17.

Paclitaxel is one of the most widely used anticancer substances and is included in the standard treatment of a variety of cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Apealea consists of a freeze-dried powder, which is dissolved in conventional solutions for infusion.

It was recently approved in Europe for ovarian cancer.

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