MIG USA, a North Carolina Company, to Bring Needed Relief Through the Provision of Coronavirus Test Kits

HIGH POINT, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MIG USA, LLC (Mjalli Investment Group), a High Point, North Carolina company having focus in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research sectors, along with its corporate partner, have acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute a rapid-result coronavirus test kit, the VITAK-19, for immediate availability to local, national and worldwide medical communities. The company now has a substantial quantity of test kits to supply the emergency need. The company will provide 500,000 kits within 24-48 hours and 100,000 per day thereafter. This test simply requires a fingertip blood sample and results are generated in approximately 8 minutes. The test can also be self-administered, similar to a diabetes home-screening, allowing individuals or healthcare providers to follow the instructions provided within the kit.

Dr. Adnan M. Mjalli, the Executive Chairman says: “We at MIG USA are very excited to have the VITAK-19 which will have a significant impact on the war against the coronavirus to detect the virus quickly and efficiently and we are working very hard to make the kits accessible to all medical communities throughout the U.S. This IgM/IgG kit (VITAK-19) is a rapid point-of-care test for COVID antibodies.”

MIG USA, LLC will ramp up a manufacturing site in High Point, North Carolina for production of the kits for additional supply. Further, the company has engaged a strong research and development team to develop a wide range of anti-virus solutions to ensure immediate response and prophylactic measures to combat diseases similar to the coronavirus.


Stacey Kraftchick [email protected]; 843.670.074

Noor Al Saamri [email protected]; 336.259.5858

Dr. Adnan M. Mjalli [email protected]; 336.847.6025


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