Keeping Healthy If You Are Unemployed

If you are unemployed, keeping fit and healthy should be a priority. Exercise releases serotonin in the brain, helping you to feel happy and motivated. Exercise boosts your immune system and stops you from becoming unwell. Following a good diet will give you the vitamins and minerals that you need to keep your body functioning as it should. If you are unemployed, looking after yourself shouldn’t be ignored.

Exercising for free

You don’t need an expensive gym membership in order to regularly exercise. Just a pair of training shoes and you are set. Running helps to lower blood pressure and reduces stress, giving you a better feeling of mental well-being. This form of cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise helps to increase your lung function, and improve your overall fitness levels. It helps to boost your immune system, making you less susceptible to colds and viruses. Many people find that running regularly not only helps them to lose weight, but also helps to boost their self-confidence and positivity.

Cooking on a budget

Cooking for you and your family on a budget doesn’t mean scrimping on ingredients, it just means cooking economically and minimizing wastage. This is something that people throughout American should do as a matter of course, but sadly doesn’t happen often enough. If you are buying meat from the butchers or the store, don’t go for expensive cuts like chicken breasts, but instead the cheaper cuts of meat can be cooked for longer and are full of flavor. Cuts like pork belly are very underrated and completely delicious. You can claim unemployment benefits to help you with food bills and other expenses. Make sure you have plenty of fruits and vegetables. These are just as nutritious if they are bought frozen or tinned.

Take vitamin and mineral supplements

If you are concerned about your diet, taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement can help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Certain vitamins also help with memory and brain function. Magnesium is an essential mineral to help with converting sugar directly into energy. If you don’t have enough magnesium in your body you will feel fatigued and tired. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce stress and increase energy levels. 

Making sure that you keep healthy if you are unemployed is important. Looking after the mind and body will make you feel happier and give you a sense of well-being.

Author: Lucy Wyndham

Image: Jannis Brandt

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