Juvenescence Capitalizes BYOMass Inc. with up to $6.5 million

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Juvenescence Ltd, a biopharmaceutical company focused on treating aging
and age-related disease, is pleased to announce its latest equity
investment in BYOMass Inc., a Massachusetts-based company focused on
central control of metabolism in the context of aging and age-related
diseases. Juvenescence will provide BYOMass with up to $6.5 million in
equity financing and collaborate with BYOMass to advance these programs.

Juvenescence is also delighted to announce that Dr Margaret Jackson, the
CEO of BYOMass, has joined the Juvenescence team as Vice President, Head
of Preclinical Research and Development. Dr Jackson has almost twenty
years of drug discovery experience, having led multiple projects from
early discovery into clinical trials. Prior to forming BYOMass, she was
Senior Director, Head of Eating Disorders and served on the
Cardiovascular and Metabolism leadership team at Pfizer.

“Chronic disease is a tremendous burden on our healthcare system and
economy, and we are excited by the potential for BYOMass to make an
impact on this colossal problem,” said Dr. Gregory Bailey, “We are also
thrilled to see Dr Margaret Jackson join the Juvenescence team and help
bring the life-changing therapies we are developing at Juvenescence one
step closer to patients.”

Dr. Jackson said, “I am delighted to join Juvenescence and advance their
mission helping people live longer, healthier lives. I am also excited
that BYOMass’s therapeutic programs will benefit from the ecosystem
Juvenescence is building to accelerate the discovery and development of
novel therapeutics.”

About Juvenescence, Ltd.

Juvenescence Limited is a life science and biotech company developing
therapies to increase healthy human longevity. It was founded by Jim
Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey and Dr. Declan Doogan. The Juvenescence team are
highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs and investors with a
significant history of success in the life sciences sector. Juvenescence
will create, partner with or invest in new companies with aging or
age-related therapeutics, by in-licensing compounds from academia and
industry, or forming joint ventures to develop therapeutics for
longevity. Juvenescence believes that recent advances in science have
greatly improved our understanding of the biology of aging and seeks to
develop therapeutics with the possibility of slowing, halting or
potentially reversing elements of aging.

About BYOMass Inc.

BYOMass Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing
therapeutics to modulate the central control of metabolism associated
with aging and age-related chronic illnesses. BYOMass was founded by Dr.
Margaret Jackson, who has led multiple teams and drug discovery efforts
in her twenty-year career as a drug developer. BYOMass is a privately
held Massachusetts-based company.


Juvenescence Ltd
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