InventisBio ensures $70M in Series C financing to speed up candidates clinical trials

InventisBio said Tuesday it raised $70 million in a Series C financing in January 2019, to accelerate the development of its clinical candidates into phase 2 trials and help us developfirst-in-class drug candidates into clinical stage.

Dr. Yaolin Wang, InventisBio Chairman and CEO, said: “Our goal is to develop innovative drugs with our own intellectual property rights, to achieve global drug approvals based on international multi-center clinical trials for diseases with unmet medical needs.” 

Benjamin Qiu, Partner and Co-Head of Healthcare Investment at Advantech, pointed out the D-0502, a selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) for ER-positive breast cancer, as a front-runner of similar products being developed globally. “Healthcare is a key area of Advantech’s investment focus and we are pleased to support InventisBio in developing innovative products in clinical trials with the goal to benefit global patients,” he said.

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