European Patent Office OKs new patent for Allergy Therapeutics’ Microcrystalline Tyrosine tech

European Patent Office has granted a broad technology patent to Allergy Therapeutics’ Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT) depot adjuvant manufacturing process.

This patent, which has already been already granted in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, covers the novel manufacture and physiochemical characteristics of MCT in combination with one or more antigens, further strengthening the Company’s core intellectual property.

The company on Wednesday stated that granting of this patent further strengthens Bencard Adjuvant Systems, the wholly-owned division of Allergy Therapeutics which specialises in developing and optimising aluminium-free adjuvants for infectious diseases.

Furthermore, recent data generated have shown how MCT has a synergistic effect when coupled with another adjuvant from BAS’s portfolio, Virus Like Particles (VLP), to create the adjuvant system AdSys-VcT. As recently announced, this adjuvant system demonstrated protective efficacy in a malaria model in a study performed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, UK.

Manuel Llobet, Chief Executive Officer of Allergy Therapeutics, commented: “We are pleased to expand this key patent and are excited by the potential for MCT as a core technology within our adjuvant portfolio to create novel and efficacious vaccines, both in allergies and also in infectious disease areas such as malaria and influenza. This further underpins the future pipeline for products, and the long term success of Allergy Therapeutics to continue innovating and producing novel medicines.”


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