Emulate, Inc. and INTENZE Products, Inc. Announce Collaboration to Use Organ-Chips to Study Tattoo Ink Safety Risks

This collaboration marks the first time a tattoo company and a
biotechnology & health company have collaborated for the advancement of
safety testing and risk assessment of tattoo ink

, the leader in Organs-on-Chips technology and human emulation,
, the leader in the tattoo industry, announced today a
first-of-its-kind strategic collaboration designed to advance the tattoo
industry, creating safer, better products for customers. Emulate and
INTENZE will exclusively collaborate on innovative approaches for
predicting human response to tattooing, expanding the functionality of
Organs-on-Chips technology for chemical risk assessment applications.
This initiative marks the first time that any group has applied
Organ-Chips to systemically investigate the biological response
associated with tattoo pigments, formulations, or inks.

In evaluating the human-relevant effects of tattoo ink, the
collaboration will initially utilize Emulate’s Skin-Chip, which
recapitulates much of the complex biology represented in the human skin.
In addition, Emulate will apply the company’s other organ models, such
as the Liver-Chip and the Kidney-Chip, to assess systemic exposure and
possible toxicity risks of tattoo inks and other cosmetics and permanent
cosmetic alterations.

In partnering with Emulate, INTENZE will apply Emulate’s Organ-Chips
data to further advance its product development towards being
science-centric, akin to pharmaceutical or cosmetic product development,
ensuring that current and future products will be based on scientific
data related to human biology. In addition, Emulate and INTENZE are
engaging to address and support potential future regulatory requirements
and the creation of relevant guidelines.

“We are delighted to partner with Emulate and combine the expertise of
our teams to develop new human-relevant techniques to evaluate safety of
tattooing inks using Emulate’s platform,” said INTENZE Products Founder
and President Mario Barth. “Through this collaboration, we are committed
to again setting new standards in the field of tattoo pigments and inks
so that customers and artists have the benefit of safer and better
performing tattoo products.”

“INTENZE is an exceptional leader in their industry and they are an
ideal collaborator for Emulate, as we work together to apply
Organs-on-Chips technology to set new standards,” said Emulate Chief
Executive Officer, James Coon. “Our technology opens up new
opportunities for products that consumers use every day — including
pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics — to be designed and developed for
improved safety and improved efficacy.”

About Emulate, Inc.
is a privately held company that creates living products for
understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human
health. Our Human
Emulation System™
sets a new standard for recreating true-to-life
human biology and is being used to advance product innovation, design,
and safety across a range of applications including drug development,
agriculture, cosmetics, food, and chemical-based consumer products.
Emulate continues to develop a wide range of Organ-Chips and disease
models through collaborations with industry partners and internal R&D
programs. Emulate is also working with clinical partners to produce Organ-Chips
with an individual patient’s stem cells, for
applications in precision medicine and personalized health. Our founding
team pioneered the Organs-on-Chips technology at the Wyss Institute for
Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Emulate holds
the worldwide exclusive license from Harvard University to a robust and
broad intellectual property portfolio for the Organs-on-Chips technology
and related systems.

About INTENZE Products
is the world’s leading tattoo pigment manufacturer. Founder
Mario Barth was the first to introduce a 19 Tattoo Ink Color Set to the
market; the first to introduce an Artist Tattoo Ink set; the first to
establish an official worldwide certified supplier network for tattoo
ink; and the first to establish an official tattoo artist sponsorship
program (with currently over 50 of the world’s greatest artists being
sponsored by INTENZE). He is also the creator and manufacturer of
the first-ever sterile single use product, the INTENZE
One Cap Tattoo Inks
, which revolutionizes how tattoo artists
conduct their business travels and vastly improves the safety and
sterility of tattooing.

INTENZE is the first tattoo ink manufacturer to publicly disclose the
ingredients in each one of the tattoo inks it produces. This information
allows customers and artists to know exactly what INTENZE inks are made
with. INTENZE ink is also 100% vegan, containing zero animal products,
and absolutely never tests on animals.


Kathryn Morris
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INTENZE Products:
Lindsey von Busch
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