EffRx to Showcase Binosto® at the WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2019 in Paris

FREIENBACH, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)—-EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA is proud to announce that it will participate
in the 19th Edition of the World Congress on Osteoporosis,
Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases, taking place April 4-7,
2019 in Paris. The WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress is the world’s leading
clinical conference on bone, joint and muscle health and therefore the
ideal venue for EffRx to showcase its flagship product Binosto®,
the only buffered soluble alendronate for the treatment of
postmenopausal osteoporosis.

EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA is also pleased to inform that new safety data
on Binosto® will be presented at the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress.
The data will be presented as a poster titled “Upper Gastrointestinal
Safety with the Buffered Solution of Alendronate 70 mg: 6 Years of
Post-Marketing Experience” authored by P. Fardellone, B. Boëzennec and
B. Cortet on Saturday, 6th of April 2019, from 14:00 to 15:00
(poster #579).

The authors of the new Binosto® safety data conclude that
Binosto® is associated with a lower frequency of upper
gastrointestinal adverse reactions than reported for alendronate tablets
and that it is a well-tolerated oral bisphosphonate for the management
of osteoporosis.

“These updated data reinforce the safety profile of Binosto®
after 6 years of post-marketing experience,” says Dr Lorraine Zakin,
Medical Affairs Director at EffRx Pharmaceuticals.

Medical professionals from around the world will be able to learn more
about Binosto® and its exciting properties at the Binosto®
booths 20 and 21 in the exhibition area of the Palais des Congrès de

EffRx looks forward to welcoming you to the Binosto® booth at
the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress in Paris!

About EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA

EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA is a commercial-stage functionally integrated
pharmaceutical company, based in Switzerland, that develops and
commercializes niche & orphan medicines in Europe. EffRx aims to be the
preferred accelerator for late clinical & regulatory development,
approval, valorization of niche & orphan medicines in Europe and

About Binosto®/Steovess®

Our lead commercialized product, Binosto® is indicated for
the treatment of osteoporosis and marketed in US, Europe and Asia.
Binosto® (alendronate 70 mg effervescent tablets) is the
first and only buffered solution for the treatment of postmenopausal
osteoporosis. It reduces the risk of hip, spine, and non-spine fractures.1
The buffered solution with high acid-neutralizing capacity minimizes the
risk of exposing the esophagus (in case of reflux) and the stomach to
acidified alendronate.2,3 Binosto® is taken once a
week as an easy-to-swallow, buffered solution with no risk of a tablet
getting lodged in the esophagus. Binosto® has the potential
to improve adherence to therapy4, thereby decreasing the risk
of disabling fractures.


Please refer to the official Binosto®/Steovess®
prescribing information and approved indications, contraindications, and
warnings in your country.


1. Black DM et al. Fracture Risk Reduction with Alendronate in Women
with Osteoporosis: The Fracture Intervention Trial. J Clin Endocrinol
Metab 2000;85:4118-4124.

2. Binosto Summary of Product Characteristics. 2017.

3. Hodges LA et al. Modulation of gastric pH by a buffered soluble
effervescent formulation: A possible means of improving gastric
tolerability of alendronate. Int J Pharm 2012;432:57-62.

4. Giusti A et al. Persistence with the buffered solution of alendronate
70 mg: prospective observational study. Osteoporos Int 2018;29(S1):S431.


Media Contact:
Pamela Saredi
[email protected]

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