Dechra reports expected increase in net revenue for last six months

Dechra continues to deliver above market revenue growth in our existing business and in our acquisitions, in line with the Board’s expectations, Ian Page, Chief Executive Officer, said in company’s half year trading period update, which highlights growth in European and North American pharmaceuticals net revenue, as well as the Laboratories Vancofarma do Brasil acquisition.

Reported net revenue for the period increased by 18%, European oharmaceuticals net revenue growth was c.18% at CER, and the North American pharmaceuticals net revenue growth was c.18% at CER. The company has also completed the acquisition of Laboratorios Vencofarma do Brasil in December, and in the half year report it noted that AST Farma/Le Vet, RX Vet and Caledonian acquisitions performing strongly, in line with its expectations.


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