D2 Consulting Acquires WorkUp, Unique Patient Engagement Company, Enhances Client Operational Efficiencies in Care of Complex Specialty Patients

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–D2 Consulting, a leading life sciences consulting firm offering strategic and tactical commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and digital health manufacturers, announces its acquisition of WorkUp, Inc., a unique patient engagement solution that improves operational efficiencies and enhances patient outcomes related to the care of complex specialty patients.

This acquisition represents D2 Consulting’s ongoing commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the market and expands D2’s existing technology solutions, providing value-added support for clients, including manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, HUBs, payers, pharmacy benefit managers and integrated delivery networks.

“These expanded capabilities will drive operational efficiency, enhance difficult to obtain data collection and data management and improve the patient experience through greater compliance and customized patient management programs,” says Dean Erhardt, CEO, D2 Consulting. “WorkUp is an exceptional company, developed by innovative designers, software engineers, medical professionals and entrepreneurs who bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse business and healthcare backgrounds.”

Erhardt points to the value of enhanced focus on the patient, with real world, near real-time access to resolving patient reported issues. “This solution is capable of producing better care outcomes while lowering overall health care costs, improving care coordination that drives optimal care outcomes,” he says.

The WorkUp solution was originally developed to support high maintenance patients, such as individuals with cancer, liver disease or blood disorders, among others. It is a solution that is easy to integrate, implement and operate for proven user experiences and transparent, data driven outcomes:

  • Reduce low value telephone calls to confirm monthly refills by 50-70 percent
  • Lower documentation costs tied to patient-provider communications
  • Replace traditional spreadsheets and Access database files with a system that tracks tasks, escalates and resolves patient reported issues in near real-time
  • Access real-world patient encounter and drug therapy information to share securely and seamlessly across client-designated teams
  • Get direct positive impact on time and costs related to dispensing specialty medications and costs of personalized care management

“This solution not only effectively bridges the operational, clinical and financial concerns of key stakeholders, but it also creates better alignment with manufacturers and payers, while improving collaboration with prescribers,” says Erhardt. “This enables more efficient human touchpoints between patient support teams including those at the practice and their patients, and collects key clinical data points, such as monthly refills, medication start dates and adherence self-reports.”

WorkUp co-founders Kenny Engels and Unha Engels echo Erhardt’s enthusiasm. “We have always believed strongly, based on the relevant evidence in the field as well as in our own WorkUp cohorts, that higher quality patient communication is the answer to some of the biggest problems in healthcare today: non-adherence, unmanaged symptoms and side effects, and often low patient satisfaction.”

Together with their colleagues, including industry veteran Kirby Eng, they are a team dedicated to helping providers, manufacturers, and specialty pharmacies in oncology and other specialty areas perform better patient-facing communications with thoughtfully designed workflow and user experience.

“We were looking to do that more widely, and from the start when we met D2, we saw that their vision and work were a natural fit,” they continue. “We all look forward to the journey to come.”

Erhardt anticipates that this approach will give D2 Consulting clients demonstrably higher program enrollment and engagement rates, helping them to transform patient engagement, improve operational efficiency and distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

About D2 Consulting

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