Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Join the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis in National Partnership with Adapt Pharma Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC) has partnered with NARCAN  Nasal Spray manufacturers, Adapt Pharma Canada, in the continued fight against the devastating fallout of Canada’s opioid crisis.  

The national partnership has been heralded by Jason Luan, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions in Alberta as a step in the right direction to drive access to NARCAN®, an antidote that reverses the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada join the fight against the opioid crisis in national partnership with Adapt Pharma Canada (CNW Group/Adapt Pharma)
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada join the fight against the opioid crisis in national partnership with Adapt Pharma Canada (CNW Group/Adapt Pharma)

“Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is taking an important step today, to ensure their members are trained and knowledgeable about overdoses,” said Minister Luan. “This is a great step forward; one echoed in our government. We’re committed to providing safe and effective services that focus on treatment and recovery in the fight against the addiction crisis, of which naloxone access and training are key components.”

Recent statistics show that between 2013 and 2017, youth aged 15 to 24 had one of the fastest-growing rates of hospitalizations due to opioid poisonings, with an increase of 53 per cent.i By educating on the risks of opioid misuse and stocking NARCAN® Nasal Spray, Clubs now have another vital resource to help youth and families across Canada.

“Sadly, no community or household is exempt from this crisis. The reality is that our teenage children are often the most vulnerable, whether through exposure to prescription or illicit opioid drugs,” said Owen Charters, President & CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. “This partnership with Adapt Pharma will ensure our member Clubs are trained and knowledgeable about opioid overdoses. Too many lives are being taken in communities across Canada and we want to take a stand to ensure more people are equipped to deal with an opioid overdose.”

Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide, a total of 700 locations, now have access to NARCAN® Nasal Spray for free through a donation partnership with Adapt Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emergent Biosolutions Inc. Having NARCAN® Nasal Spray onsite and accessible to Club staff will help encourage open dialogue about opioid use, and give them confidence in responding to an opioid emergency when seconds matter most.

“Our partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada marks a significant moment in the fight against the opioid crisis,” said David Renwick, General Manager of Adapt Pharma. “It means we’re able to reach even more young people in our communities and ensure that the resources and information they need are readily available to them. The goal is to get as much naloxone in the community as possible.”

“It’s encouraging to learn about the partnership between NARCAN Nasal Spray and the Boys and Girls Club of Canada” said Councillor Evan Woolley, Calgary City Council. “Opioid poisoning has impacted thousands of Canadians and Calgaryhas been hit especially hard. I was recently made aware of the Nasal Spray as an option for administering naloxone and I believe making it more accessible will save lives.”

In Alberta, which has the most Boys and Girls Clubs of any province, only injectable naloxone is available for free at pharmacies. Needle-free NARCAN® Nasal Spray is not available for free as it is in other provinces like Ontario and Quebec.

For more information on Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, please visit www.bgccan.com.

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