BiondVax universal flu vaccine patent application accepted in Australia

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals got its patent application covering formulation and production processes of the M-001 universal influenza vaccine candidate accepted in Australia.

In the announcement the company said that the application titled “Compositions of multimeric-multiepitope influenza polypeptides and their production” has been filed in eight other jurisdictions, and is under examination in Europe, China, Japan, and the USA.

Dr. Tamar Ben-Yedidia, BiondVax’s Chief Science Officer, was referred to ass aying in the release, “Our five patent families cover multimeric-multiepitope polypeptides as well as composition, use, formulation and production aspects of M-001, BiondVax’s Phase 3 universal flu vaccine candidate. We are pleased the Australian authorities have accepted this patent, which widens and strengthens our international IP portfolio.

BiondVax is currently conducting a pivotal, clinical efficacy, Phase 3 trial of M-001 in Europe. 4,094 participants were recruited prior to the 2018/19 flu season, and preparations are proceeding as planned towards the trial’s second season of 2019/20, in which at least 6,000 participants are expected to be enrolled. The placebo-controlled trial will assess safety and effectiveness of M-001 alone in reducing flu illness and severity in adults aged 50 years and older. Results are expected by the end of 2020.

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