BioGENEius Challenge Announces 2019 BioSTEM Leader Awardee

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the Biotechnology Institute announced the winner of the BioSTEM
Leader Award, who will be recognized next week at the 2019 BIO
International Convention in Philadelphia.

The Biotechnology Institute would not have the quality of national
excellence at the BioGENEius Challenge or the talent to feed our future
biotechnology workforce were it not for the critical learning programs
offered by this year’s BioSTEM Leader Awardee, the Philadelphia High
School for Girls (GHS).

GHS was founded in 1848 to “prepare teachers for the common schools of
Philadelphia.” It was the first municipally-supported secondary school
for girls in the United States and was called the Girls’ Normal School.
In 1893, the Philadelphia High School for Girls separated from the
Girls’ Normal School and the basis for today’s college preparatory
curriculum was laid. It continues to exist as a school for the
academically talented, providing young students with outstanding
opportunities for scholarship, leadership and service. It’s motto,
“Vincit qui se vincit,” (He conquers who conquers himself) is attributed
to first century B.C. writer Publilius Syrus and is embodied in the
school’s Code of Honor and Courtesy. The motto was adopted because of
the realization that self-mastery is one of the most important goals one
should strive to attain.

As a college preparatory school whose heritage is founded in tradition,
it serves academically talented young women drawn from the diversity of
Philadelphia. The school’s mission is to graduate students who will
treat others compassionately and lead lives of personal integrity at the
university level, preparing them to be future leaders. This is
accomplished in a safe, nurturing environment that challenges the
intellect, provides an enriching extracurricular program, embraces
diversity and encourages ethical behavior. GHS maintains a rich and
rigorous academic program, which includes Advanced Placement and
International Baccalaureate, as well as outstanding humanities courses.

Under the strategic vision of Principal Dr. Parthenia Moore, GHS began
its STEM/STEAM Program and invited students to come to the inaugural
meeting. Expecting twenty-five students to attend, more than sixty
showed up and participation continues to increase to date. To assist
GHS’s vision of growth in STEM, Dr. Moore secured $3 million for two
newly refurbished science laboratories and the refinishing of a third
laboratory with no cost to the school. They have installed 20 additional
SMARTBoards in teachers’ classrooms across the school to assist in
student learning at no cost to the school. GHS has also established STEM
partnerships with University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Drexel and Temple

The students of GHS have connected to the sciences at levels that have
surpassed expectations. Through its STEM Program, students are seeking
opportunities and being provided information that further supports them
in the areas of technology, engineering and mathematics.

“With an appropriate modification to their motto She conquers
who conquers herself’, the young women of GHS will be well equipped to
achieve their goals in the field of STEM,” said Dr. Larry Mahan,
President of the Biotechnology Institute. “We are proud to recognize GHS
as this year’s BioSTEM Leader Award for its vision.”

About the Biotechnology Institute

The Biotechnology Institute is an independent, national nonprofit
organization dedicated to education about the present and future impact
of biotechnology. Its mission is to engage, excite and educate the
public, particularly students and teachers, about biotechnology and its
immense potential for solving human health, food and environmental
problems. For more information, visit www.biotechinstitute.org.


Quinta Jackson
Biotechnology Institute
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