Biodesix Named Company of the Year by Colorado BioScience Association

Expanded Pipeline and Clinical Data Milestones Propel Company to Top Spot

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biodesix, Inc. has been named Company of the Year by the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA). The company was honored at the 16th Annual CBSA Awards Dinner on November 7, 2019. The CBSA serves as the hub for Colorado’s life science industry with member organizations spanning biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, ag bio, mobile digital health, research, academic, and service providers. Biodesix was selected as Company of the Year in recognition of the significant milestones the company reached in advancing patient access to novel diagnostic testing in the clinic, and in ongoing development of new tests that address areas of high unmet clinical needs across the continuum of care in lung cancer. Lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer death among men and women. In 2018, approximately 234,000 patients were diagnosed and 154,000 died due to lung cancer, which represents over 25 percent of all cancer deaths in the United States.

“CBSA’s Annual Awards Dinner highlighted how health innovations from Colorado make a global impact. We are proud to honor Biodesix for its innovation and bringing top minds together to strengthen the future of healthcare. As the first company to provide four best-in-class diagnostic tests for patients in lung cancer, Biodesix has demonstrated its commitment to helping physicians and their patients navigate lung cancer therapy decisions. The timing of this award is an additional honor, as it is lung cancer awareness month,” said Jennifer Jones Paton, President and CEO of CBSA. “CBSA is proud to honor Biodesix for its breakthroughs for patients, leadership in Colorado’s life sciences community and track record of success.”

Key milestones for Biodesix in 2019:

  • Acquisition of Oncimmune in the U.S. to expand minimally invasive diagnostics to patients in North America with the EarlyCDT Lung test for lung nodule management, adding a 4th blood-based test to the portfolio
  • Expanded reach of Nodify XL2 testing for lung nodule management
  • Partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop a next-generation sequencing blood assay
  • Patenting of the Biodesix Collection Device (BCD) to improve on ease of blood collection, reduce cost and environmental impact

“Our greatest reward is the positive impact we can have on the lives of patients and their loved ones as they navigate lung cancer treatment decisions,” said Scott Hutton, COO and incoming CEO for Biodesix.

“There is no higher honor than knowing that we played a part in improving the quality of life for a person facing the dreadful disease of lung cancer,” said David Brunel, CEO for Biodesix. “We are proud to be building a Colorado-based bioscience company with 150 employees. We began as a Colorado start-up and this year we celebrated several important milestones. We greatly appreciate the recognition of the Colorado BioScience Association.”

In addition to being headquartered in Colorado, Biodesix operates facilities in Boulder and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

About Biodesix

Biodesix is a lung cancer diagnostic solutions company covering the continuum of patient care from early risk classification of lung nodules through treatment guidance in late stage cancer. The company develops diagnostic tests addressing important clinical questions by combining simple blood draws and multi-omics through the power of artificial intelligence. Biodesix is the first company to offer four best-in class non-invasive tests for patients with lung cancer or suspicious lung nodules. The Biodesix Lung Reflex® strategy for lung cancer patients integrates the GeneStrat® and VeriStrat® tests to support treatment decisions with results in 72 hours, expediting time to treatment. The Nodify XL2™ test and the EarlyCDT LungTM test evaluate the risk of malignancy in incidental pulmonary nodules, enabling physicians to triage patients to the most appropriate course of action. The company’s strong product pipeline addresses key clinical questions in all stages of lung cancer, from risk assessment of early stage disease to informing treatment decisions for emerging therapies. Biodesix also partners with the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to solve complex diagnostic challenges. For more information about Biodesix, please visit www.biodesix.com.


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