BD launches new prefillable glass syringe

BD has launched the BD Neopak 2.25 mL prefillable glass syringe, specifically designed for biopharmaceutical manufacturers that develop, manufacture and market high-value and sensitive biologic drugs that require higher quality levels and performance to treat chronic diseases such as, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus and severe asthma.

“Through our continued investment in innovation, this new syringe enables biopharmaceutical manufacturers to develop drug-syringe combination products with extended injection intervals. This will provide patients with more time between injections and decrease the frequency of injections,” said Peter Nolan, worldwide president of Pharmaceutical Systems for BD. “By offering higher volume subcutaneous injections, the BD Neopak 2.25 mL prefillable glass syringe is designed to help reduce the number of necessary injections, aiming to improve the safety and convenience for patients.”

The company said that BD Neopak 2.25 mL glass prefillable syringe is designed to reduce undesired interactions, such as drug degradation or aggregation between the primary container and drug, to support biopharmaceutical manufacturers’ efforts to mitigate product development and commercialization risks. The new syringe is now commercially available in the United States, Europe and Japan.

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