Altogen Biosystems Launched GMP Grade Liver Targeted Transfection Reagent for In Vivo Delivery of Biomolecules

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/invivo?src=hash" target="_blank"gt;#invivolt;/agt;–First developed in 2012, Altogen’s liver-targeted
in vivo transfection reagent has since been successfully used in
over 25 research publications
for liver tissue and tumor-specific delivery of therapeutic biomolecules
such as siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, plasmid DNA, and small proteins. This
efficient reagent was selected as the delivery vehicle of choice in
several drug development programs; to better accommodate clinical
programs, Altogen Biosystems announced the launch of real-time adaptive
cGMP manufacturing of liver-targeted
in vivo transfection reagent. This new product enables dose,
formulation and product changes within a clinical protocol in response
to emerging clinical data as well as targeted delivery to hepatocellular
carcinoma cells and increased in vivo stability of cargo
therapeutics. This novel liver-targeted delivery system may enable
groundbreaking transfection efficiency medical applications including
gene and oligonucleotides therapy of liver cancers.

Altogen Biosystems’ liver-targeted in vivo transfection reagent
features liposome-based
microscopic compounds coated with biodegradable polymers and attached to
nucleic acids. Subsequent nanoparticle formation results from the
binding of negatively charged nucleic acids to positively charged
liposome-based particles. These biocompatible nanocomplexes act as
nanocarriers into liver tissue and have displayed no adverse effects
associated with the carrier application, a common obstacle for in vivo
transfection. Biomolecule-loaded nanoparticles accumulate in target
tissues post-administration and degrade over time. Altogen
performed GLP preclinical testing of the new liver-targeted in
reagent; results demonstrated enhanced stability in serum,
tissue-targeted liver delivery of siRNA- and DNA-based therapeutic
compounds, and no detectable inflammatory response.

About Altogen

is a life sciences company that manufactures transfection
products for in vitro and in vivo preclinical research and
pharmaceutical applications. Altogen Biosystems provides over 120
transfection products for biomedical research, including cell
type-specific transfection reagents, electroporation kits, and in vivo
tissue-targeted delivery reagents.

is a GLP-compliant laboratory providing both efficacy and
toxicology testing for novel drugs. Company preclinical contract
research services includes over 90 in-house validated xenograft models,
pharm/tox assays (ADME, PK/PD, etc.), development of stable cell lines,
and a myriad of RNAi and in vivo biodistribution/imaging studies.


Altogen Biosystems
Alex Fanelli, PhD
Phone: (702) 349-6103
(702) 989-0841
Email: [email protected]

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