Alto Pharmacy finds $23M to expand across USA

ScriptDash Pharmacy has re-branded to Alto Pharmacy and raised $23M from several sources to expand to major US cities.

The company said on Monday that the money was raised from Greenoaks Capital, Rahul Mehta (DST Global), Justin Kan (Twitch co-founder), and Jackson Square Ventures. The capital for expansion is starting with the Greater Los Angeles area.

One of the medical institution that collaborated with Alto was Stanford Hospital and UCSF Medical Center. Explaining how Alto’s technology platform allows them to offer a unique pharmacy experience to patients and to help physicians improve their health, Laurel Bray-Hanin, COO of UCSF Cancer Center said: “Our patients are fighting cancer and are very sick, so having a high-quality pharmacy partner that gets it right and cares about our patients is extremely important for us.”

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