Allergan and actress Shay Mitchell join forces to inspire women to know their birth control

Allerganhas launched ‘BC Trivia’ featuring actress and new ambassador Shay Mitchell – a fun and engaging trivia quiz designed to educate young women about contraceptive options in a familiar way for its bold educational platform, Know Your Birth Control.

In partnership with Allergan, Mitchell, known as one of the top names in the industry for her roles in several acclaimed movies and television shows, hopes to encourage women to have candid conversations about their contraceptive options with their healthcare providers, while simultaneously offering preliminary education.

“In conversations with my friends and family, it is constantly made clear to me that people are not speaking about birth control as much as they should be. When they do, the dialogue is riddled with misconceptions,” said Mitchell. “At the very least, we should all know about the host of options that are available to us. Through my partnership with Allergan and Know Your Birth Control®, I hope we can bridge that gap together. It all starts by getting informed, talking to your doctor, and not being afraid to ask questions.”

Launching last year, the program continues to evolve with new partners who are excited to contribute to the birth control conversation by offering informative facts and tips.

“In my practice, it is a consistent norm that birth control will be widely used, yet poorly understood,” said Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, a Mississipi-based OB/GYN and paid consultant of Allergan. “I always advocate that no question is too small when it comes to helping a patient make decisions about what is right for them. Through my upcoming work with Allergan, I look forward to channeling this approach, and to developing materials and resources that will help support women seeking information about contraceptive options.”

On Mitchell’s partnership with Know Your Birth Control, Cindy Schwartz, Associate Vice President of Marketing at Allergan Women’s Healthcare said: “We are delighted that Shay is joining us in this significant campaign. With her support and participation, we feel strongly that we will reach a wide network of women, encouraging many to take the initiative to speak to their doctors, and ultimately be in control of their birth control decisions.”

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