Advanced Oncotherapy to take “appropriate action” against Sinophi Healthcare

Advanced Oncotherapy said on Tuesday it will “appropriately” deal with a UK company Sinophi Healthcare, which invests in and manages hospitals in China, because it wanted to drop purchase orders made two years ago.

According to Advanced Oncotherapy, Sinophi Healthcare Limited told them on Monday that it wished to terminate the purchase orders announced on March 25, and October 21, 2015.

“Advanced Oncotherapy is firmly of the view that Sinophi has no legal basis on which to make this termination and will take appropriate action to protect its position,” reads Advance’s press release.

Advanced Oncoterapy had announced a deal for its proton therapy system in China in March 2015, as its Light system was supposed to be installed as part of Sinophi’s oncology hospital project in Huai’an City, in Jiangsu province, East China.

In October 2015, Sinophi oredered a $75/80 million worth single Light system for the China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University.

We’ve sent an email to Sinophi to ask for its comment. We’ve also sent an email to Advanced Oncotherapy to ask for more details about “appropriate action”.


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